Organisation Efficiency Programme:

The Organisation Efficiency Programme is designed for you to explore your specific needs on how to create a healthy work environment for you and your employees. Each programme is built specifically to the clients needs and objectives. The programme length is designed according to the needs of the organisation ranging from 3-12 months. 

What You Get:

  • Organisation assessment: This will consist of evaluating the organisation from all ranks in the organisation.
  • Plan of action: Work out the organisations goals & needs for the future to work more efficient.
  • Execution:  Implementing the plan of action through 1-1 sessions, group work and training.
  • On going support: Phone/Email /Virtual sessions whenever needed during the 3-12months 
  • Aftercare: We can add a bespoke aftercare package that will allow you to continue with on going support with our team. 

The Reason Why We Built the Organisation Efficiency Programme:

Often places of work suffer from the ‘over worked and underpaid’ disorder which creates an inefficient organisation. The outcome being employees becoming sick due to stress and other mental health issues. Therefore, companies paying even more in staff costs and less work actually being done. 


Professional Development Programme:

The Professional Development Programme is designed for individuals to explore their needs/goals and wants in life. Each programme is designed specifically to your individual needs. The programme length can be varied 3 – 24 months. 

What You Get:

  • Individual assessment: 1-1 session looking at your needs/wants
  • Goal Setting/Planning: 1-1 session planning goals and how to implement.
  • Execution: Putting the plans in to action with 1-1 support
  • Review: Reviewing your ongoing development

The Reason Why We Built Professional Development Programme:

Many individuals are quite often not working to their full potential. This can then pass down to other parts of your life whether that is your family, your job or and your company. By working on your personal development it allows your personal and professional life to grow in many positive ways.