My Book

Life can be unpredictable, disappointing and downright dangerous - but you can choose how to respond to its challenges.

Whether you feel you’re at rock bottom or are struggling to overcome and move on from difficult circumstances, this book offers hope and practical advice to get from where you are now to somewhere better.

About the Author

Angie Clarke MBACP is an accredited counsellor and therapist with more than three decades’ experience. She is the founder and director of Somewhere House, an addiction rehabilitation centre in Somerset, as well as a business mentor and life coach, and founder of a mental health charity. Drawing on her firsthand experiences of overcoming life’s difficulties, Angie inspires others and gives them hope to turn their lives around.

Through nine powerful personal lessons, Angie Clarke shares the pathways that have helped her navigate her own life’s turbulent journey to support others to do the same.

This inspiring book will give you the courage and emotional tools to:

  • Begin the journey to recovery from abuse, abandonment or addiction
  • Build resilience to deal with setbacks
  • Take back control of your situation and live by the words ‘If it’s to be, it’s up to me’
  • Make the best of whatever life throws at you

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