Angie Clarke

Author & Consultant

Organisation Efficiency Programme

The Organisation Efficiency Programme is designed for you to explore your specific needs on how to create a healthy work environment for you and your employees. Each programme is built specifically to the clients needs and objectives. The programme length is designed according to the needs of the organisation ranging from 3-12 months

About Angie

35 years of experience in building, training and leading teams. Our mission to help you build your own high-performance team ironing out the creases. Customising your specific needs through long-range leadership support, single or multi-day workshops, speaking, advising.

Professional Development Programme:

The Professional Development Programme is designed for individuals to explore their needs/goals and wants in life. Each programme is designed specifically to your individual needs. The programme length can be varied 3 – 24 months.

Angie Clarke Consultancy

15 years of virtually no staff sickness the difference this makes to any organisation is phenomenal. It allows an organisation to grow brings loyalty and security.


Angie provides incredible value. Over the past year she has helped me fall back in love with work. Angie makes me solely accountable, ensuring I complete tasks I set myself and she has also taught me how to ensure that I manage my staff team better, by making them accountable for their tasks and daily workloads. Angie does not make decisions for you, or tell you what to do, she helps you to see the bigger picture which enables you to make the right decisions and proceed with the right course of action that is most suitable for your business or you personally. Once you have made any decision or set a goal, Angie pushes you to ensure that you deliver on it and provides helpful prompts to keep you on your toes. Angie has enabled me to become more driven, meaning I am able to get more work done, meet with more customers and sell our services better, which ultimately means the business is growing in size.   



I have been able to value myself and my skills increasing my turnover making myself more efficient and as a result being able to spend less time at work more time with my family without losing money. Psychologically improving myself and those around me.

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